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My name is Jennifer O'Neill and I'm the girl behind the camera...  Thank you for visiting my page! I appreciate your interest in Jennifer O'Neill Photography and I hope you book your special occasion with me. I would love to meet you!

Art has always been a  passion of mine, and is something that has always come natural to me. Graduating from High School I had received essentially a full ride scholarship to Arizona State University to purse a Bachelors in Fine Arts and so that is the career path I had pursued. I did later decide to venture in to the medical field with hopes of becoming a medical illustrator (I do have a mean drawing hand), but decided to switch gears a bit and became a Registered Nurse. I have been a RN since 2013 and absolutely LOVE caring for people. I love it so much that I am currently working towards my Masters as a Acute/ Gerontologic Practice Nurse Practitioner. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment. Oh, and did I forget to mention my most important title? I am very blessed to be a wife and mother to 4 amazing kiddos who never cease to amaze me and do an excellent job of keeping me on my toes! I'm a busy lady to say the least,  (Americanos and good music keep me going) and I wouldn't have it any other way! 



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